fund a grieving heart

Because no child or family in our community should grieve alone.

The death of a parent or sibling has been found to be one of the most stressful life events a child or youth can experience. 

The foundational work of The Nightingale Centre began with our grief support group programming. These groups started in 2019, and in the five years since, we have offered 49 groups to our community—supporting almost 700 people. Our group programs are offered in Winter, Spring and Fall of every year, with in-person and virtual options available to improve access to grief support for children, youth and families in Guelph and Wellington County. 

Fund A Grieving Heart

At High Tea For Hope 2024, you will be invited to Fund a Grieving Heart and help us raise the necessary funds needed for our grief support group programs and outreach. Your donation is 100% tax deductible and will go directly towards these programs—offering open ended grief support at no cost to families. Nightingale’s group programs offer a different quality of support and connection that comes from being with people who have also experienced a significant loss. They provide connection, emotional support, validation, and education about grief to promote healing—helping children, youth and families grow in their grief.  

We must all work together to help children understand grief, to give them a space to talk about the impact it has had on their lives, normalize their experience and encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings. 

Your generosity and philanthropy can help ensure that no child or family in our community grieves alone.

Donation levels are:

$2,000 will provide a safe space for an 8-session grief group for 15-20 children or youth

$1,500 will provide the funds required to run one memorial event for 50 families

$1,000 will provide 10 families with an in-person visits from our family counsellor

$500 will provide the snacks for one season of groups and the pizza party for our last session

$250 will help build our library of grief books and resources for our groups and 1:1 programming

$100 will provide the supplies needed for continuing bond and legacy activities for 5 families

Or choose to donate a custom amount that fits your needs!

Your donation will help:

  • Give the gift of hope to the 1,600+ local children and youth who are grieving the death of a significant person in their life
  • Fund over 15 annual grief support groups for children, youth, young adults and parents/caregivers
  • Offer open ended grief support at no cost to families, removing barriers to access
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment for children to talk about the impact the death has had on their life 
  • Connect families, creating forever friendships and community amongst people with similar lived experience
  • Remove barriers to access, by covering costs (ie. transportation) to make programs available to all families
  • Help us help families learn how to grow in their grief and heal together

The magic of our groups comes from the connection, community and compassion that is developed amongst the children and families that seek the support of our programs. We provide them a safe space to talk about their loss, a welcoming space to share their emotions, challenges and feelings, an open space for them to talk about and remember their person who has died. 

How do we do it?

There is little to no government funding for community hospice and grief programs. We rely solely on the generous donations of past participants, sponsors, foundations, friends, neighbours and our community to ensure that our grief support services remain accessible and free for the children, youth and families who count on them each year.

Nightingale’s Grief Support Groups: 

  • Cater to Children, Youth, Young Adults and Parents/Caregivers
  • Are led by a team of qualified staff and trained and experienced volunteers
  • We believe in the value of mentorship and peer support and demonstrate this with the children, youth and families that come back to volunteer  
  • Participants engage in age-appropriate discussions and activities in a group setting with others who are going through a similar experience
  • As we grow, we plan to make groups for specific types of losses available to our community.